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Manufacturing and Logistics. Industry Clusters. Supply Chains. It’s All Here.

Interstate 10 slices through the North Florida Corridor for 362 miles from downtown Jacksonville west to Pensacola. Spend a few hours driving on I-10 and you get a sense of the diversity here and the rich assets that await growing companies. This part of Florida has a Southern flavor. It borders Georgia and Alabama and shares many industry clusters and supply chains with them. Automotive. Aerospace. Defense. Forestry. Fabrication. Blue-chip companies are well represented, from BASF and International Paper in manufacturing to FedEx and CSX in logistics and distribution. Start-up companies populate the countryside, fueled by innovative technologies and our competitive cost of doing business.

North Florida Corridor spans 34 counties and thousands of square miles. This “super region” is vast and diverse. There are abundant, affordable greenfields and certified, shovel-ready sites. There are seaports whose exported products reach South American markets faster from our ports than other U.S. ports. Three of America’s primary interstates bisect the Corridor; they connect to Class 1 rail, multimodal ports, and international airports. And the workforce? With 14 military installations and a heritage in manufacturing and logistics, the Corridor’s workforce offers in-demand skills and the training to adapt and specialize quickly. Whether your market is Florida, the USA, or multiple cities across Europe and Asia, the North Florida Corridor gives your company more business advantages.  

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Workforce and Training

The North Florida Corridor workforce makes it easy for your company to find the workforce you need to succeed. That’s based on some impressive numbers. There are more than 1.5 million people in the labor force. They’re young, with a median age of 41. More than 25% hold an Associate’s Degree or higher. Union membership is low and the presence of military veterans is high—nearly 10% of our population. It’s a workforce with in-demand skills and the ability to transfer those skills to new applications. Training and development is driven by CareerSource Florida, a statewide workforce support organization that connects employers with qualified talent. In addition, North Florida Corridor is home to over 60 universities, state colleges, and training institutions for specialized development in everything from engineering and electronics to information technology and management.